Monday, June 25, 2007

Star Spangled 'Graphs Part 2

I mentioned "Star Spangled Celebration" on Friday's post. I went back to the three day country music event on Saturday and scored some more autographs.

Josh Turner - In Person: 6/23/07. This was Josh's third appearance at the festival. Every time he comes back he's bigger than he was the last time. This was no exception. His show was very good. Prior to the show he signed his latest CD insert for me. Not only am I looking forward to his next studio album, but he has a Cracker Barrel exclusive "Live" CD coming out in a few weeks that I want to get. "Long Black Train", "Your Man", "Would You Go With Me" and "Me And God" are some of his hit songs.

Josh Turner's latest CD (click to enlarge)

Chris Young - In Person: 6/23/07. Chris Young was last years winner of "Nashville Star" (A country music version of "American Idol"). He's released two single so far "Drinkin' Me Lonely" and "You're Gonna Love Me". His album is great, he did an excellent concert but like many of the other Nashville Star winners he really hasn't taken off. A shame. Hopefully that "Nashville Star curse" will end soon and he'll get the success he deserves. My favorite song on his album is "Flowers".

Chris Young (click to enlarge)

I should add in that Ronnie Milsap performed at the festival too (he was awesome). Very friendly and did an outstanding show. I met him backstage before his show. He did not sign autographs during the meet & greet though. Billy Currington performed a very disappointing short show before walking out halfway (due to an "medical emergency"). He managed to tell off the crowd and cancel his meet & greet before leaving the venue. So had that not happened, I would have had his autograph for my collection as well.

I didn't attend the festival on Friday but some co workers went and got these two items signed for me.

Jason Aldean - In Person: 6/22/07. Jason just released his second album which contains his current hit titled "Johnny Cash". His previous hits include "Hicktown", "Why" (his first #1) & "Amarillo Sky". He signed the "Relentless" CD insert for me (the new album I mentioned). I thought it was a good idea to get his autograph now while he's a rising artist. He's going places!

Jason Aldean (click to enlarge)

Heartland - In Person: 6/21/07. Last summer Heartland had a huge hit song called "I Loved Her First". It was great to see a good quality song become a hit and even more surprising to see it happen because they are not signed to a major record label. They signed their debut album CD insert for me.

Heartland (click to enlarge)


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