Friday, June 22, 2007

Star Spangled 'Graphs

There is a great 3 day country music festival near where I live called 'Star Spangled Celebration'. I attended last night and scored some new autographs for my collection.

The Wreckers - In Person: 6/21/07. The Wreckers are a new country music duo consisting of pop singer Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp. I love their debut CD, especially the title track "Stand Still, Look Pretty". Other hits on the disc include "Leave The Pieces" and "My, Oh My". A missed flight delayed the start of their show and then bad weather forced the evacuation of the outside venue and their meet and greet. However a contact I had who works for them was kind enough to take this on the bus and get this autograph signed for me.

The Wreckers debut CD insert signed to me

Darryl Worley - In Person: 6/21/07. I've met Darryl Worley a few times but this was the first time I was able to see one of his full concert shows and get his autograph. He came on after a big rain storm and delivered a bunch of his hit songs like "I Miss My Friend", "Awful Beautiful Life" and "A Good Day To Run". Very nice guy and tall (He clocks in at 6'6"!). Darryl also recently appeared in Playgirl magazine.

Darryl Worley signed CD insert

Dierks Bentley - In Person: 6/21/07. Dierks was the evenings headliner performer. The weather had delayed his show some too. It didn't end until 12:30am. A long rainy wet night but a lot of fun. While I'm not huge fans of all the male country music singers, (I prefer the female vocalists a little better) I really am into Dierks music. Every time I've met him he's a consistently super nice and a fun guy to talk to. His hits include "What Was I Thinkin", "Come A Little Closer", "Every Mile A Memory" and my personal favorite "Long Trip Alone". By the way he did an incredible rendition of the Barbara Mandrell classic "Fast Lanes & Country Roads" on her tribute CD.

This is Dierks latest CD, which he signed the insert of for me.


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Great successes! Hope to see you next year at SSC.Thanks for coming.

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