Thursday, May 03, 2007

Visiting England

Grab your cowboy hats and boots. Here's the first of two 'country music' themed posts.

Ty England - In Person: 5/3/07. Ty England was Garth Brooks lead guitar player at the height of "Garth Mania". After he left Garth's band he signed to RCA Records where he recorded two albums, which included a top 5 single "Should've Asked Her Faster". Ty has done some recording since that time and now has a brand new album on his own label. My personal favorite song of his is "All Of The Above" which was on the "Two Ways To Fall" CD which is what I chose to get signed by Ty when he was in town today.

Ty England (click to enlarge)


Blogger Jim said...

Ok, we have visited England for over a month now, time to move along. ;-)

5:40 AM  

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