Monday, April 30, 2007

One more for the month

Here's an autograph I wanted for awhile that I achieved just by sending an e-mail.

Edie McClurg - Sent: 2/6/07 Received: 4/30/07. This one I knew was coming. I sent an e-mail to Ms. McClurg in early February and on the 19th of that month, received a very nice reply from her personal assistant saying Edie had read my e-mail and wanted him to write me on her behalf. They had a signed (but not personalized) photo they could send me now or wanted to know if I wanted to wait a few weeks until he was with Edie to be able to get her to personalize one for me. Of course since I love the personalized ones even more I had no problem waiting. And today the wait was over. What a kind person who obviously goes the extra mile in caring about her fans. Edie McClurg's impressive resume include guest spots/reoccurring character on a TON of shows including "WKRP" (she played Herb's wife, Lucille), "Small Wonder", "7th Heaven" and a very funny bingo oriented episode of "Roseanne". A great character actress/comedienne.

Does she look familiar to you? Edie McClurg (click to enlarge)


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