Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Monthly recap: November & December 2007

Here's the final monthly recaps for the last two months. Since my hobby has slowed down some I'll be moving this to a quarterly feature in the new year. Stand by for a Year End Recap post coming soon.

Monthly recap: December 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 1 (contest win)

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 0

Total sent out in December: 0

Monthly recap: November 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 1

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 2 In Person's

Total sent out in November: 0

Friday, December 21, 2007

And the winner is .....

First of all thank you for checking back into my blog. I want to take this time to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever! Now onto business. I was beginning to think I wouldn't score a success at all this month, but luck helped me out.

Kirsten Dunst - Won In A Contest/Date Signed: Unknown. Lon at Strickler's Celebrity Autographs had a contest posted last week through his My Space page to win a Johnny Depp autographed photo. I entered the contest but didn't win the grand prize Depp photo, instead winning a runner up prize, an autographed photo of Kirsten Dunst. I was really happy to get her because 1. She isn't that easy to get and 2. She plays Mary Jane Watson in the "Spider-man" movies, and you know how I like to collect autographs from people in comic book movies. It was an absolutely free win and shipped super fast after I was notified of my win. Thanks Lon. Make sure to check out his site, he has some very nice pieces for sale.

Kirsten Dunst (click to enlarge)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

20 years later...this Judds for you

I have to tell you how much fun I've been having updating & working on my blog again. Maybe that will re motivate me to start back up in sending out requests. In the mean time, here's a In Person success from this afternoon.

Naomi Judd - In Person: 11/18/07. On August 14, 1987 I had front row seats to see The Judds. It was the second concert I ever went to in my life and I ended up getting to sing "Mama He's Crazy" with them that evening. I brought their "Heartland" album with me in hopes of getting an autograph and was lucky enough to get Wynonna to sign it that evening. Throughout the years I've had the chance to meet Naomi a few times and I had her sign other items for me (CD inserts, 8x10's, books, etc). She was lecturing today at an area expo so my mom & I went to see her. I really didn't know what to get signed by her because I had so much stuff already. Then I remembered this album. So now 20 years later I completed the autograph on the album by adding Naomi to it.

(above) The back cover of the vinyl "Heartland" album signed by The Judds. (Wynonna signed it August 14, 1987), Naomi signed it this afternoon. I know the scan looks a little odd so I wanted to also show you the front. That scan (below) happens to be the CD version front cover insert that I had signed by both back in 1993. "Heartland" was always my favorite album The Judds did.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh what a Knight

To some Christopher Knight will only be "Peter Brady", to others (mostly younger new generation fans) he's the guy from the Vh1 reality shows. To me he's both. I had tried several times to get him through the mail with no luck. Now I have an In Person success.

Christopher Knight - In Person: 11/15/07. Last night I had the chance to meet Christopher Knight when he re dedicated a mall in my area. It took about 90 minutes waiting in his autograph line, but it was worth it because he was very personable, wasn't rushing people through and wasn't charging for his autograph. He signed a photo for me and the Brady Bunch photo that I brought with me (previously signed by creator Sherwood Schwartz). His wife Adrianne Curry wasn't with him but I did bring the autographed photo I had of her to show him. He laughed when he saw it. The new season of his reality show (with Adrianne) "My Fair Brady" starts January 24, 2008 on VH1. I'll be watching.

(above) Now (below) then

"Ryan - Don't play ball in the house!" is inscribed on my "Brady Bunch" photo (which was previously signed by Sherwood Schwartz, the shows creator).

Thursday, November 01, 2007

SHAZAM! A New autograph

Today's success is dedicated to the staff of my old post office. I have long since moved and they still made sure this autograph found it's way to me. They are great folks who I miss seeing as frequently as I used to.

John Davey - Sent: 5/13/04 Received: 11/1/07. After three plus years you tend to give up on thinking a success will come back. This disproves that theory. "Shazam" was a TV show I loved when I was a child. I had the chance to meet Jackson Bostwick (the first actor who played Captain Marvel) at an autograph convention a few years ago in Chicago. Today I add John Davey, the second actor who played the role to my collection. I sent him a photo and index card which he signed and returned with another photo of his own and a personal letter which showed off his great sense of humor. Right now Michael Gray ("Shazam" co star & pictured in the photos) isn't signing items (according to his website) but when he resumes, I plan on sending the top photo to him to complete it.

(above) The "Shazam" photo I sent to John Davey. (below) The photo and personal letter he sent me in return.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monthly recap x 3

Happy Halloween! Here's a summary of how the last 3 months have been for my autograph collection.

Monthly recap: October 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 1

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 2 In Person's

Total sent out in October: 0

Monthly recap: September 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 1

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 1 In Person

Total sent out in September: 0

Monthly recap: August 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 2

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 2 (convention purchases)

Total sent out in August: 0

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The B*tch is back (with a new autograph)

How many people can say "Oh I met Elton John this weekend"? We'll I can! I still can't believe it.

Elton John - In Person: 10/12/2007. How exciting was this! Not only did I get a chance to see Elton John in concert last night, but before his show I had the opportunity to go backstage to meet Sir Elton himself! Before he came in to visit with our small group (only 6 of us had this special VIP treatment), his personal assistant brought Elton's dog, Arthur in for us to meet. Arthur travels everywhere with Elton and knows several "tricks" which he demonstrated for us. About 15 minutes before showtime Elton arrived outside of the hospitality room, riding in the back of a golf cart. He was a little quiet but personable. No diva behavior! He was kind enough to pose for a picture with me and sign his current CD. What an incredible autograph to go with an incredible show. Over two and a half hours of Elton and his band performing hit after hit. He was amazing. Special thanks to my dear friend Monica who offered me (yet another) once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget.

(above) my In Person autograph from Elton John

(below) - Proof! LOL. My photo with Sir Elton.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Stone cold country

Sorry for the delay in updating my blog. I haven't been sending out much recently so I'm not getting a whole lot back. Don't give up on this blog though, we have lots of good stuff still to come.

Doug Stone - In Person: 10/8/07. I had a chance to spend some time with country music singer Doug Stone today. He was very nice, funny and very open about his life (the good and the bad times). He signed a photo and a CD insert for me. His hits include "I'd Be Better Off In A Pinebox", "In A Different Light", "Why Didn't I Think Of That" and "Too Busy Being In Love". Doug told me they are in the early stages of getting a ghost writer to write his life's story. Doug's lead a very (almost soap opera like) life. That's a book I'd definitely read.

Doug Stone autographed photo

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Richard Burgi part 2

I have to admit between the two successes I received from Richard Burgi, I like this one better. Personalization will win every time with me!

Richard Burgi - Sent: 11/1/06 Received: 10/6/07. We'll ask and you shall receive. I was surprised to get this photo of Richard Burgi, since I just received a success from him a few weeks ago. The difference is, this one was personalized. Yeah! I only wrote to him once. One of my successes came back in my self addressed stamped envelope, the other in his own envelope. Besides his work on "Desperate Housewives", Richard is also known for "The Sentinel" (as this publicity photo shows), "24" and "Judging Amy". He also was the original network choice to play the title role in the TV series "The Flash".

Richard Burgi (again) - click to enlarge

Friday, September 28, 2007

Richard Burgi Part 1

Even though I'm still on a major "high" from meeting Lynda Carter, I want to take a moment out to pay tribute to a great actress that we just recently lost. Alice Ghostley passed away last Friday, September 21st. She was an incredibly funny woman who entertained and made me laugh so many times in my life from the work she did on "Bewitched", "Grease" & "Designing Women" (among other numerous shows). I tried many times to get her autograph and succeeded once. (See my September 12, 2005 posting). It's an autograph I treasured then and treasure even more now. RIP Alice Ghostley 1926-2007.

Richard Burgi - Sent: 11/1/07 Received: 9/28/07. I almost didn't recognize this when it first came in, but it's Richard Burgi from "Desperate Housewives". (He plays "Karl Mayer" on the show). I wasn't sure either if it was an auto pen or pre-print but after further examination, I'm pretty sure it's authentic. Wish it was personalized though.

Richard Burgi (click to enlarge)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Number One (duhr) Woman!


I started collecting autographs because I wanted Lynda Carter's autograph. I used to joke that I only wrote to other people for something to do while I waited for Lynda to respond. At times I never thought I'd get her, but now I have achieved that goal several times. A few through the mail, once from a friend who got it for me In Person, and now I got my own autograph In Person as last night I met Lynda Carter!

Lynda Carter - In Person: 9/15/07. Lynda has been "testing the waters" in her singing career by doing select dates in the US this year, all of them so far in California. When I heard she was bringing her tour to Chicago for six nights of performances, I knew I had to go to at least one. Not only did I have a front row (dead center) seat for the show, my friend & I were invited to be part of her meet & greet afterwords. Never in my life did I think I would see her with my own eyes, let alone get to meet her. The show was great (even better than I thought it would be) and meeting her was a dream come true. It's a gamble sometimes to meet someone who's work you enjoy so much because sometimes they don't live up to your expectations. Lynda wasn't like what I thought she would be in person - she was even better! I got to meet her right before her manager put her on vocal silence (to save her voice for the last show they had to do the next evening). From what I've been told, after the meet & greet she exited the main lobby and shook hands with as many people as she could on her way out but wasn't able to stop to sign autographs or take photos with fans. I see that I was even more blessed by getting the chance to spend more time with her than most people did that evening, plus get autographs and a photo taken with her. No matter what has happened or will happen this will always be a shining memory for me in my life.

(above) This is a digital picture of the 20 x 24 photo that Lynda signed for me. (below) A close up of the inscription on the photo (minus the camera flash that the top photo had)

"To Ryan- You are wonderful! Love, Lynda Carter 2007"

You can read more about this special evening and see other photos of Lynda and I together by clicking here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mail from the 4077

Even though I haven't been sending out requests, it still makes me smile to go downstairs and see a new success waiting for me like the one I received today.

Wayne Rogers - Sent: 6/12/06 Received: 8/21/07. Wayne Rogers is best remembered for playing "Army Capt. "Trapper John" McIntyre" on "M*A*S*H*" for the shows first three seasons. Actually he was the second of three actors to play that role. (Elliott Gould played it in the film version and Pernell Roberts did in the TV series). Although it took some time to get the reply it was worth it as Wayne responded with this very cool vintage photo. Although it's been a few years since his last acting project he's kept busy as a successful businessman and investor.

Wayne Rogers (click to enlarge)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A photo for my Van Ark-ives

I remember Thursday nights as being popcorn night in front of the TV watching "Knots Landing" with my mom. Today's success comes from one of the stars of that series.

Joan Van Ark - Sent: 1/11/07 Received: 8/9/07. This success has all the right stuff. A beautiful picture, name recognition and shows she read my letter. What a gorgeous photo of Joan Van Ark (best known as "Valene 'Val' Ewing" on "Knots Landing"). Did you know "Knots" wasn't the first time she worked with co-star Ted Shackelford? They both guested on an episode of "Wonder Woman" a year before "Knots" began production. Speaking of, one of my friends recently saw Joan in the audience during one of Lynda Carter's California concerts. They must have stayed in touch as friends after working together. Joan has another super hero tie in, as she was the voice of "Spider-woman" in the Saturday morning cartoon of the same name from 1979. I found it interesting that Joan Van Ark collects Joan of Arc. I'm very glad I wrote to her, this is an awesome success.

Joan Van Ark (click to enlarge)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Double trouble

Here's an autograph that was obtained last month, but didn't arrive at my door step until today. (It will be credited in my August recap).

Jean Sagel & Liz Sagel - In Person: 7/20/07 . There was a mini Grease 2 reunion at an autograph convention in California a few weeks ago which included Jean & Liz Sagel, the "Sorority Twins" from Grease 2. You never see these girls doing conventions so I couldn't pass up the chance to snag them for my 'Grease 2' collection. Todd attended the convention and picked up this awesome photo (which I had never seen before) and got a double signature on it for me. Photos of them from this movie are about as rare as their public appearances. Even though the girls are remembered more for their TV show "Double Trouble", I will always remember them first as part of the "Grease 2" cast.

Double signatures makes Ryan twice as happy (Jean & Liz Sagel)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Monthly recaps: June & July

Things have slowed down since I haven't had time to send out new requests. Here's how the last two months stacked up for me:

Monthly recap: July 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 1

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 4 In-Persons

Total sent out in July: 0

Monthly recap: June 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 2

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 9 In-Persons

Total sent out in June: 0

Monday, July 30, 2007

The whole SheBang!

A nearby county fair had a good country music concert Friday night that I attended.

Joe Nichols - In-Person: 7/27/07. Last summer Joe was scheduled to perform at the country music festival I talked about a few posts ago. It rained so hard and delayed his show so late that I didn't have a chance to stay for it. Luckily he came back to my area this past Friday night, the weather cooperated and I was able to enjoy the show. His show was very good and included hits like "Brokenheartsville", "The Impossible", "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" and "Size Matters (Someday)", plus new music from his next album. One I really liked was called "Let's Get Drunk & Fight". Before he took the stage I had him sign my "Man With A Memory" CD insert.

Joe Nichols signed CD insert

SheDaisy - In-Person: 7/27/07. SheDaisy opened the show. I had met them before but never had a chance to see them in concert. I really enjoyed their show A LOT! They performed many of my favorite songs of theirs like "Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)", "In Terms Of Love", "Little Goodbyes" and "I Will...But". Their sister Karli was filling in for Kristyn who's taking time off this summer to write material for their next album. I've been cranking the SheDaisy songs at home since going to this show.

"The Whole SheBang" CD insert signed by SheDaisy

Monday, July 23, 2007

Driving Mr. Spacey

Even though I haven't been sending out, it's still nice to see successes show up, especially successes like the one I received today.

Kevin Spacey - Sent: 9/13/06 Received: 7/23/07. This is a huge addition to my autograph collection. Kevin Spacey is a double Academy Award winning actor. I tried him last fall when he was doing a play in London. When I didn't get a reply, I tried him again here in the States back in May (I heard he was signing via that venue). Today it's my very first success that came back, postmarked London. Being the super hero fan that I am, it's no surprise I would send a photo of him as "Lex Luthor" from the "Superman Returns" movie. Kevin Spacey's other huge films include "The Usual Suspects", "American Beauty", "Pay It Forward" and "LA Confidential".

Kevin Spacey (click to enlarge)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Some TA for today

A side note before I continue onto today's post, I will be combining the June & July monthly recaps at the end of this month. OK, now on to business. I went to a country music show last night at a county fair and gained two new autographs for my collection.

Trace Adkins - In Person: 7/19/07. Trace did an excellent live show last night that was chalked full of hits like "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk", "Hot Mama", "Ladies Love Country Boys", "Chrome" and "Swing". He also did an awesome cover version of Ronnie Milsap's "Stranger In My House". (I hope he records that someday). I met Trace before his show and he signed a CD insert for me.

Trace Adkins (click to enlarge)

Jamie O'Neal - In Person: 7/19/07. Jamie O'Neal opened the show that I went to last night. (I'm a huge fan of her work). It had been about a year since I saw her last. I had a nice visit with her and she signed the CD single insert to her most recent single for me after her performance. Her hits include "There Is No Arizona", "When I Think About Angels", "Somebody's Hero" and "Trying To Find Atlantis".

Jamie O'Neal promo CD single (click to enlarge)

Monday, June 25, 2007

In her satin tights

Anyone who knows anything about my autograph collecting knows I started it to get Lynda Carter's autograph. She was the first autograph I ever wanted in my life. I remember back as a little kid wanting a signed photo of her in the 'Wonder Woman' costume. I've had success three times through the mail but now I have a bunch of stuff that I dream of having signed. These are items too rare or big to take a chance on mailing to her and not ever getting them back. Now thanks to my awesome friend Joey, I have an In-Person success of her on one of these type of items.

Lynda Carter - In Person: 6/22/07. Lynda is doing a series of cabaret style concerts. My friend Joey has seen her twice already, including this past Friday when she performed in LA. I sent him this incredibly rare Japanese photo guidebook of the TV show 'Wonder Woman' and he was able to get Lynda to sign it for me! This was the type of item that if I sent it to her and it got lost it in the mail or was never returned, I could probably never find it again to replace (or be able to afford to replace it). He even sent me a photo of her signing it. Thank you so much Joey. You have no idea what it meant to me that you did this for me.

Lynda Carter In-Person success (click to enlarge)

Star Spangled 'Graphs Part 2

I mentioned "Star Spangled Celebration" on Friday's post. I went back to the three day country music event on Saturday and scored some more autographs.

Josh Turner - In Person: 6/23/07. This was Josh's third appearance at the festival. Every time he comes back he's bigger than he was the last time. This was no exception. His show was very good. Prior to the show he signed his latest CD insert for me. Not only am I looking forward to his next studio album, but he has a Cracker Barrel exclusive "Live" CD coming out in a few weeks that I want to get. "Long Black Train", "Your Man", "Would You Go With Me" and "Me And God" are some of his hit songs.

Josh Turner's latest CD (click to enlarge)

Chris Young - In Person: 6/23/07. Chris Young was last years winner of "Nashville Star" (A country music version of "American Idol"). He's released two single so far "Drinkin' Me Lonely" and "You're Gonna Love Me". His album is great, he did an excellent concert but like many of the other Nashville Star winners he really hasn't taken off. A shame. Hopefully that "Nashville Star curse" will end soon and he'll get the success he deserves. My favorite song on his album is "Flowers".

Chris Young (click to enlarge)

I should add in that Ronnie Milsap performed at the festival too (he was awesome). Very friendly and did an outstanding show. I met him backstage before his show. He did not sign autographs during the meet & greet though. Billy Currington performed a very disappointing short show before walking out halfway (due to an "medical emergency"). He managed to tell off the crowd and cancel his meet & greet before leaving the venue. So had that not happened, I would have had his autograph for my collection as well.

I didn't attend the festival on Friday but some co workers went and got these two items signed for me.

Jason Aldean - In Person: 6/22/07. Jason just released his second album which contains his current hit titled "Johnny Cash". His previous hits include "Hicktown", "Why" (his first #1) & "Amarillo Sky". He signed the "Relentless" CD insert for me (the new album I mentioned). I thought it was a good idea to get his autograph now while he's a rising artist. He's going places!

Jason Aldean (click to enlarge)

Heartland - In Person: 6/21/07. Last summer Heartland had a huge hit song called "I Loved Her First". It was great to see a good quality song become a hit and even more surprising to see it happen because they are not signed to a major record label. They signed their debut album CD insert for me.

Heartland (click to enlarge)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Who you gonna call?

It's always exciting when a big name lands in the mailbox. Just like what I found in the mailbox this morning.

Dan Ackroyd - Sent: 8/29/06 Received: 6/22/07. Dan Ackroyd has over 30 years of credits to his resume, including being an original cast member of "Saturday Night Live" and an originator of "The Blues Brothers". He was kind enough to sign my Ghostbusters photo ("Report all ghosts!) and two photos from "Driving Miss Daisy". A great legend for my collection. He has a new movie titled "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" which I plan on seeing when it's released next month.

Dan Ackroyd from "Ghostbusters" (above) and "Driving Miss Daisy" (below).

Star Spangled 'Graphs

There is a great 3 day country music festival near where I live called 'Star Spangled Celebration'. I attended last night and scored some new autographs for my collection.

The Wreckers - In Person: 6/21/07. The Wreckers are a new country music duo consisting of pop singer Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp. I love their debut CD, especially the title track "Stand Still, Look Pretty". Other hits on the disc include "Leave The Pieces" and "My, Oh My". A missed flight delayed the start of their show and then bad weather forced the evacuation of the outside venue and their meet and greet. However a contact I had who works for them was kind enough to take this on the bus and get this autograph signed for me.

The Wreckers debut CD insert signed to me

Darryl Worley - In Person: 6/21/07. I've met Darryl Worley a few times but this was the first time I was able to see one of his full concert shows and get his autograph. He came on after a big rain storm and delivered a bunch of his hit songs like "I Miss My Friend", "Awful Beautiful Life" and "A Good Day To Run". Very nice guy and tall (He clocks in at 6'6"!). Darryl also recently appeared in Playgirl magazine.

Darryl Worley signed CD insert

Dierks Bentley - In Person: 6/21/07. Dierks was the evenings headliner performer. The weather had delayed his show some too. It didn't end until 12:30am. A long rainy wet night but a lot of fun. While I'm not huge fans of all the male country music singers, (I prefer the female vocalists a little better) I really am into Dierks music. Every time I've met him he's a consistently super nice and a fun guy to talk to. His hits include "What Was I Thinkin", "Come A Little Closer", "Every Mile A Memory" and my personal favorite "Long Trip Alone". By the way he did an incredible rendition of the Barbara Mandrell classic "Fast Lanes & Country Roads" on her tribute CD.

This is Dierks latest CD, which he signed the insert of for me.

Monday, June 11, 2007

It was just a matter of time

With a staple of country music classics like "Forever & Ever, Amen", "Diggin' Up Bones", "1982" "Three Wooden Crosses" and "On The Other Hand" Randy Travis has been a bona fide country music superstar for over twenty years now.

Randy Travis - In Person: 6/8/07. It's been almost 20 years since I saw Randy Travis in concert last. His show was chalked full of a bunch of hit songs and he was very nice backstage before the show. Although he didn't sign a lot of items backstage, he was kind enough to sign this CD insert for me. It's hard for me to pick a favorite song of his but if I was forced too, I would probably say "Look Heart, No Hands". Hopefully it won't be another 20 years before I get to see his show again.

Randy Travis (by the way this In Person signature matches a TTM sign I obtained prior to starting this blog perfectly).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can it with the camera, Jimmy Olsen

With Canadian postage on the return envelope, I scored another success from 'Smallville" today in the mail.

Aaron Ashmore - Sent: 10/16/06 Received: 6/6/07. Aaron is the twin brother of Shawn Ashmore (who plays "Iceman" in the "X-men" movies). Ironically Aaron has a reoccurring role as another comic book character, "Jimmy Olsen" on "Smallville". He will become a series regular with the next season starting this fall. His previous work included guest stints on "The West Wing" and "Veronica Mars". I was very excited to add this to my collection.

Aaron Ashmore, a new series regular on "Smallville".

Monthly recap: May

Here's how the month shaked out for me.

Monthly recap: May 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 1

Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0

Pre prints: 0

RTS: 0

Other: 5 In-Person's

Total sent out in May: 1

Friday, May 25, 2007

Mr. Roeper (and I don't mean Stanley the land lord)

I wrote this request at a time when I was having difficulty finding people to write too. (No disrespect to Mr. Roeper).

Richard Roeper - Sent: 8/18/06 Received: 5/25/07. This success came from an e-mail I sent. Richard Roper is one of the hosts of "At The Movies With Ebert & Roeper". I can't say that I'm an avid viewer or that I always agree with his film reviews, but I do appreciate the signed photo for my collection. Anyone that responds via e-mail requests is A' O-K in my book.

Thumbs up from Richard Roeper (click to enlarge)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Brad Paisley's Bonfires & Amplifiers

I went to a great country music concert last night and was able to meet all the acts who performed.

Brad Paisley - In Person: 5/4/07. Brad Paisley headlined the "Bonfires & Amplifiers" tour that I saw last night. It was an incredible show. The type of show that artists win "Entertainer of The Year" because of. The show was a great mix of music from his hits to tracks that will be on his next album. Backstage after the show Brad told me they are filming next Thursday's show for a future DVD release. So if the tour doesn't make it's way to your area make sure to watch the concert DVD. He was also kind enough to sign the CD insert from his most recent CD for me. You can see my photos with Brad here.

Kellie Picker - In Person: 5/4/07. You may know Kellie from last years "American Idol". Her show included her two hit singles "Red High Heels" and "I Wonder", plus a cover version of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5". Her hair is much shorter than it looks on the CD insert she signed for me.

Jack Ingram - In Person: 5/4/07. Jack has been putting out records for about 10 years now but it wasn't until the last 2 years or so he's found major success with his releases. He performed a great set including his #1 single "Wherever You Are" plus other hits like "Love You", "Lips Of An Angel" and "Measure Of A Man". He signed his brand new CD insert for me after his portion of the show.

Taylor Swift - In Person: 5/4/07. She was so sweet when I met her. A hug, a photo with her and my CD insert signed. Taylor Swift is a very talented singer/songwriter who's 17 years old. She has released two singles so far ("Tim McGraw" and "Teardrops On My Guitar") off her debut album.

This show was also the show where Taylor, Kellie & Jack pulled a joke on Brad. Taylor and Kellie appeared onstage dressed up as "Ticks" (while Brad sang the song) and Jack dressed as an exterminator who kills them. You Tube has a video of it here.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Visiting England

Grab your cowboy hats and boots. Here's the first of two 'country music' themed posts.

Ty England - In Person: 5/3/07. Ty England was Garth Brooks lead guitar player at the height of "Garth Mania". After he left Garth's band he signed to RCA Records where he recorded two albums, which included a top 5 single "Should've Asked Her Faster". Ty has done some recording since that time and now has a brand new album on his own label. My personal favorite song of his is "All Of The Above" which was on the "Two Ways To Fall" CD which is what I chose to get signed by Ty when he was in town today.

Ty England (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

RIP: Tom Poston 1912-2007


Tom Poston - Sent: 6/1/05 Received: 8/24/05. It was
sad to hear in the news today that Tom Poston had passed away. Most people will remember him as the handyman "George Utley" from the "Newhart" TV series or for being Suzanne Pleshette's real life husband. From what I read he had a great rapport with his fans. I even heard that sometimes when they'd write him for a signed picture he'd send one and ask that person (who wrote him) to send him a photo of themselves. He didn't do that when I wrote him but he was kind enough to send me this great personalized photo with a quick turn around. The lights of Hollywood are a little dimmer with this loss.

Monthly recap: April 2007

Watch for a Flashback (and tribute) post to the late Tom Poston coming soon. In the mean time here's the April monthly recap:

Monthly recap: April 2007 autographs

Autographs received TTM (real or believed to be): 5
Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0
Pre prints: 1 auto pen
RTS: 0
Other: 0
Total sent out in April:0

Monday, April 30, 2007

One more for the month

Here's an autograph I wanted for awhile that I achieved just by sending an e-mail.

Edie McClurg - Sent: 2/6/07 Received: 4/30/07. This one I knew was coming. I sent an e-mail to Ms. McClurg in early February and on the 19th of that month, received a very nice reply from her personal assistant saying Edie had read my e-mail and wanted him to write me on her behalf. They had a signed (but not personalized) photo they could send me now or wanted to know if I wanted to wait a few weeks until he was with Edie to be able to get her to personalize one for me. Of course since I love the personalized ones even more I had no problem waiting. And today the wait was over. What a kind person who obviously goes the extra mile in caring about her fans. Edie McClurg's impressive resume include guest spots/reoccurring character on a TON of shows including "WKRP" (she played Herb's wife, Lucille), "Small Wonder", "7th Heaven" and a very funny bingo oriented episode of "Roseanne". A great character actress/comedienne.

Does she look familiar to you? Edie McClurg (click to enlarge)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A birthday autograph

Sorry for the delay in posting this. It came in on Thursday, which was my birthday. Being busy with several birthday activities delayed me having the time to post it. With the lack of sending out I've done I feel lucky to have received anything back, especially on my birthday.

Dustin Hoffman - Sent: 8/7/06 Received: 4/26/07. If this is the real deal I'm very pleased with it, even though it isn't personalized to my name (like I like). What can you say about Dustin Hoffman? He's incredible. Always has been. I sent him two photos which both came back signed. At first I thought they might be "auto penned" but after looking and comparing the two signatures, I can see a slight spacing difference where he signed his last name, so I've ruled out an auto pen. Hopefully it's not secretarial. It still felt good to get an autograph on my birthday though.

Dustin Hoffman above (from "Rain Man") and below (from a very early film "Lonesome Cowboy"). Click to enlarge either.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Freeze Frame

Being a huge fan of the "comic book" movies and TV shows, I was happy to add another comic character to my collection. Today's comes from a terrific newer actor who I think will have a bright future.

Sam Huntington - Sent: 1/26/07 Received: 4/21/07. "Superman Returns" was a good movie in several aspects, especially the casting. You can just look at Sam Huntington and tell that he has the 'Jimmy Olsen' look. Not only did I like him in the movie, I though he added a lot of personality to the "behind the scenes" features on the DVD and made them even more enjoyable. I was very happy to add this autograph to my collection.

Sam Huntington as "Jimmy Olsen" from "Superman Returns" (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'Bright' spot in my autograph collection

Yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of the start of this blog. Happy Birthday Blog!

Cameron Bright - Sent: 6/15/06 Received: 4/17/07. Cameron Bright is a new relatively new actor although he's been working for seven years already, primarily doing guest spots on television programs like "Dark Angel" and "Stargate SG 1". His feature film work has included "Thank You For Smoking" and one of my favorite movies from last year, "X-men 3" (he played "Jimmy" aka "Leech" in X3). Not only did he sign this photo "Cam Bright" but also wrote the same name in the upper return corner of my envelope. A nice addition to my "X-men" autograph collection.

Cameron Bright (click to enlarge)

Monday, April 09, 2007

This time I know it's for real

I couldn't resist naming this post what I did, not only because it's one of Donna's hits but because of my last posting on the fake Michelle Pfeiffer autograph that I received.

Donna Summer - Sent: 11/17/06 Received: 4/9/07. Today's success comes from the Queen Of Disco... Donna Summer. Donna is one of the few artists who's work I really love that I haven't had a chance to see in concert (yet). I hope she will tour in my area sometime soon so I can see her. She sent me this head shot photo with a form letter which confirms the signature is authentic. Some of my favorite Donna Summer songs include "Hot Stuff", "On The Radio", "I Will Go With You", "Dim All The Lights", "This Time I Know It's For Real" and of course "Last Dance".

Donna Summer signed photo (above) and the letter that came with it (below). Click to enlarge either.