Sunday, October 07, 2007

Richard Burgi part 2

I have to admit between the two successes I received from Richard Burgi, I like this one better. Personalization will win every time with me!

Richard Burgi - Sent: 11/1/06 Received: 10/6/07. We'll ask and you shall receive. I was surprised to get this photo of Richard Burgi, since I just received a success from him a few weeks ago. The difference is, this one was personalized. Yeah! I only wrote to him once. One of my successes came back in my self addressed stamped envelope, the other in his own envelope. Besides his work on "Desperate Housewives", Richard is also known for "The Sentinel" (as this publicity photo shows), "24" and "Judging Amy". He also was the original network choice to play the title role in the TV series "The Flash".

Richard Burgi (again) - click to enlarge


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