Friday, September 28, 2007

Richard Burgi Part 1

Even though I'm still on a major "high" from meeting Lynda Carter, I want to take a moment out to pay tribute to a great actress that we just recently lost. Alice Ghostley passed away last Friday, September 21st. She was an incredibly funny woman who entertained and made me laugh so many times in my life from the work she did on "Bewitched", "Grease" & "Designing Women" (among other numerous shows). I tried many times to get her autograph and succeeded once. (See my September 12, 2005 posting). It's an autograph I treasured then and treasure even more now. RIP Alice Ghostley 1926-2007.

Richard Burgi - Sent: 11/1/07 Received: 9/28/07. I almost didn't recognize this when it first came in, but it's Richard Burgi from "Desperate Housewives". (He plays "Karl Mayer" on the show). I wasn't sure either if it was an auto pen or pre-print but after further examination, I'm pretty sure it's authentic. Wish it was personalized though.

Richard Burgi (click to enlarge)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you get your Richard Burgi autographed picture? I'd like to get one for my sister, and when I googled it your blog popped up.

3:24 AM  

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