Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Number One (duhr) Woman!


I started collecting autographs because I wanted Lynda Carter's autograph. I used to joke that I only wrote to other people for something to do while I waited for Lynda to respond. At times I never thought I'd get her, but now I have achieved that goal several times. A few through the mail, once from a friend who got it for me In Person, and now I got my own autograph In Person as last night I met Lynda Carter!

Lynda Carter - In Person: 9/15/07. Lynda has been "testing the waters" in her singing career by doing select dates in the US this year, all of them so far in California. When I heard she was bringing her tour to Chicago for six nights of performances, I knew I had to go to at least one. Not only did I have a front row (dead center) seat for the show, my friend & I were invited to be part of her meet & greet afterwords. Never in my life did I think I would see her with my own eyes, let alone get to meet her. The show was great (even better than I thought it would be) and meeting her was a dream come true. It's a gamble sometimes to meet someone who's work you enjoy so much because sometimes they don't live up to your expectations. Lynda wasn't like what I thought she would be in person - she was even better! I got to meet her right before her manager put her on vocal silence (to save her voice for the last show they had to do the next evening). From what I've been told, after the meet & greet she exited the main lobby and shook hands with as many people as she could on her way out but wasn't able to stop to sign autographs or take photos with fans. I see that I was even more blessed by getting the chance to spend more time with her than most people did that evening, plus get autographs and a photo taken with her. No matter what has happened or will happen this will always be a shining memory for me in my life.

(above) This is a digital picture of the 20 x 24 photo that Lynda signed for me. (below) A close up of the inscription on the photo (minus the camera flash that the top photo had)

"To Ryan- You are wonderful! Love, Lynda Carter 2007"

You can read more about this special evening and see other photos of Lynda and I together by clicking here.


Blogger More Information about Darryl Andrews said...

Ryan - love the website. I actually came across it by searching for current information on Lynda Carter. For the past seven years I've been trying to obtain an autograph from Lynda for my wife Sara, who like you, grew up a huge fan. I've had zero success and am surprised that Lynda doesn't have a website that she sells her autograph from - much like every other television personality of that time. If you have any address success with her please forward it along to me. It'd be greatly appreciated.

Hope you get something in your mailbox soon!

BTW - huge coo on the Sir Elton shot!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Love the Lynda Carter autographs..I recently saw her in SF in concert..she was awesome and is she not even more Beautiful in person? You could tell she is such a great person , and what a sweet and funny lady..I love Lynda! Can't wait for her new CD!
Someday i'd love to get Lynda's autograph too, i do have about a dozen or so autograph's in my collection from years gone by, but your collection is really something!
The crowning glory is Lynda for sure!
Also love the Donna Summer!
Her new CD drops in May 08..should be a good one!
Love your site..Best to you!

1:14 AM  

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