Monday, June 25, 2007

In her satin tights

Anyone who knows anything about my autograph collecting knows I started it to get Lynda Carter's autograph. She was the first autograph I ever wanted in my life. I remember back as a little kid wanting a signed photo of her in the 'Wonder Woman' costume. I've had success three times through the mail but now I have a bunch of stuff that I dream of having signed. These are items too rare or big to take a chance on mailing to her and not ever getting them back. Now thanks to my awesome friend Joey, I have an In-Person success of her on one of these type of items.

Lynda Carter - In Person: 6/22/07. Lynda is doing a series of cabaret style concerts. My friend Joey has seen her twice already, including this past Friday when she performed in LA. I sent him this incredibly rare Japanese photo guidebook of the TV show 'Wonder Woman' and he was able to get Lynda to sign it for me! This was the type of item that if I sent it to her and it got lost it in the mail or was never returned, I could probably never find it again to replace (or be able to afford to replace it). He even sent me a photo of her signing it. Thank you so much Joey. You have no idea what it meant to me that you did this for me.

Lynda Carter In-Person success (click to enlarge)


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