Thursday, August 09, 2007

A photo for my Van Ark-ives

I remember Thursday nights as being popcorn night in front of the TV watching "Knots Landing" with my mom. Today's success comes from one of the stars of that series.

Joan Van Ark - Sent: 1/11/07 Received: 8/9/07. This success has all the right stuff. A beautiful picture, name recognition and shows she read my letter. What a gorgeous photo of Joan Van Ark (best known as "Valene 'Val' Ewing" on "Knots Landing"). Did you know "Knots" wasn't the first time she worked with co-star Ted Shackelford? They both guested on an episode of "Wonder Woman" a year before "Knots" began production. Speaking of, one of my friends recently saw Joan in the audience during one of Lynda Carter's California concerts. They must have stayed in touch as friends after working together. Joan has another super hero tie in, as she was the voice of "Spider-woman" in the Saturday morning cartoon of the same name from 1979. I found it interesting that Joan Van Ark collects Joan of Arc. I'm very glad I wrote to her, this is an awesome success.

Joan Van Ark (click to enlarge)


Blogger Jim said...

Wow, she is absolutely beautiful in this pic. Way to go Joan!

2:46 PM  

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