Monday, June 26, 2006

Lets get caught up

I have been in the middle of so many projects and had some computer issues which caused the delay in getting the blog updated. But were back in business now so let's get caught up.

Morgan Freeman - Sent: 4/29/06 Received: 6/26/06. This one I'm not so sure about. I think it is an auto pen. I know for sure it's not a Pre-Print, so either it's authentic or it's an auto pen but comparing signatures I've seen online I lean more towards an auto-pen. It would be understandable as I'm sure Morgan Freeman receives so many requests it would be hard to find the time to honor them. Another interesting fact is I wrote to him at a California address and my SASE came back postmarked Charleston, MS.

Morgan Freeman - are you the real deal?

This past Saturday I went to the final day of a three day country music festival in my area. It rained off and on throughout the day which wasn't much fun. But I did enjoy some great music and received In-Person autographs from each act that played that day.

Little Big Town - In Person: 6/24/06. Little Big Town has a song out right now that I just love. It's called "Bring It On Home". They performed that and several other songs (including "Boondocks", their first top 10 hit) during their show in Richland Center, WI. Following the show I had a chance to get my cd insert signed by the band.

Little Big Town (Phillip, Karen, Kimberly & Jimi)

Blue County - In Person: 6/24/06. A few years ago Blue County had a hit with the song "Good Little Girls". I had seen and met them before and they were very good (and so nice). Same situation at this show. Great musicians and just the friendliest guys. Scott (left on photo below) has been a regular on a few soap operas. He played "Jake Hogansen" on "Days Of Our Lives" and "Ryan McNeil" on "Young & The Restless". I think the guys recently changed their look because they looked a little bit different than this photo and other photos I've seen of them before. (Both have cut their hair super short now).

Blue County (soap star Scott Reeves (left) and Aaron Benward (right)

Jamie O'Neal - In Person: 6/24/06. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Jamie O'Neal. Her first album "Shiver" is one of my all time favorite cds by any artist. During this show I had a chance to hear 5 or 6 new songs she's recording for her next cd. She also brought her 3 year old daughter out to sing part of her hit song "Somebody's Hero". I've met Jamie many many times (she remembered me when we talked after this show) so I really didn't need another Jamie autograph, but it's so hard to pass the opportunity up when it presents itself. Other hits by Jamie O'Neal include "There Is No Arizona", "When I Think About Angels", "Trying To Find Atlantis" and "I Love My Life".

Jamie O'Neal signed 8X10 photo

Oak Ridge Boys - In Person: 6/26/06. Everybody sing "Elvira" now. And they did. As a matter of fact The Oak Ridge Boys brought Jamie O'Neal, Blue County & Little Big Town back to the stage to sing it with them. That was cool. I really liked their set list, it included many of my all time favorite Oak Ridge Boys songs including "It Takes A Little Rain" (it was raining while they sang it) and "Come On In (You Did The Best That You Could Do)". I had a great visit with them backstage and was able to tell them some stories that I always wanted to. Awesome guys who are long overdue to be in the country music hall of fame.

The Oak Ridge Boys (Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden, Duane Allen & Richard Sterban)

Phil Vassar - In Person: 6/24/06. Phil is such a nice guy and puts on one high energy rockin' show. His show was almost completely full of his hit songs and some hit songs he wrote for others. Before his show started I was able to meet him and he signed this cd insert for me.

Phil Vassar's second cd "American Child" autographed to me now

Joe Nichols - In Person: 6/24/06. I had met Joe Nichols a few times before but was never able to get his autograph until now. When I met him I asked him what his favorite movie of all time was. He said "Urban Cowboy". I'm glad his "meet & greet" was before his show because after it ended they had to evacuate the park because of a lightening storm. At this point we had been at the festival for 11+ hours so my friend and I decided to head home and just catch one of his shows at a later point. (I had 90 minute drive yet to get to my home). It would have been nice to see his show but I did get the autograph that I had really wanted for my collection.

Autographed cd insert to Joe Nichols new cd "III"

I also have gotten two RTS's (return to senders):

Sheryl Crow - Sent: 6/15/06 Received: 6/24/06. This was a total post office thing. On the front of the envelope it said it arrived after the show date. Who knew it would take the post office 4 days to deliver something to a venue 2 and a half hours from me. I will find a new venue to try her at.

Joanna Garcia - Sent: 5/26/06 Received: 6/22/06. I've been trying to find a working address for her and had another strike out. Joanna plays "Cheyenne" on the "Reba" show.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's about tyne

Still overwhelmed by the awesome Madonna success from Sunday night, I add a new autograph to the collection today, which completes a cast photo.

Tyne Daly - Sent: 1/6/06 Received: 6/21/06. Tyne had started a Broadway play right after I sent this request out to her in California. I wasn't aware of the play otherwise I would have waited and wrote to her there. (I saw many successes come in on her from the play and really regretted sending this out to a different address just days before). But it's all ok now. The "Cagney & Lacey" photo I sent (already signed by Sharon Gless) came back personalized today. Tyne also included her own current head shot photo plus on my return envelope wrote "Happy 4th" in the lower right hand corner with the same silver sharpie she signed my photos with.

My completed Cagney & Lacey photo

Current photo of Tyne Daly that she also included with my other photo

Monday, June 19, 2006

Lucky Star: a top 12 success!


I grew up with a cousin who was a big Madonna fan, so before I ever really started buying records and listening to music I knew a lot about Madonna and her songs. When "music" began playing a bigger role in my life one of the first cd's I bought (outside of country music, which I grew up with) was one of Madonna's. I saw Madonna in concert for the first time in 2004 and had an awesome experience of having my tickets upgraded from nose-bleed to floor seats. I saw Madonna on her "Confessions" tour last night in Chicago and had an even better experience.

Madonna - In Person: 6/18/06. I went as the guest of a friend who went as Madonna's guest and the VIP treatment was rolled out for us. From comped parking in the prime parking location, to floor seats (Section 3, Row 14 - 4 seats away from the part of the stage that extends into the audience) to a personal welcome from Madonna's manager and PA. They brought us gifts which included a signed tour book and (thanks to my friend) a photo personalized to my name! In all seriousness I think my heart stopped beating for a quick moment when I saw it. I put Madonna on my "Top 12 most wanted list" never actually thinking it would happen. She doesn't sign autographs a lot and even rarer than that personalizes them. If I would have had to leave then it was an overwhelming positive experience. But I didn't have to leave and it was time to enjoy the show. Close enough to Madonna to make eye contact I enjoyed her 2006 "Confessions" show. The entire show was very very good. She sounded and looked great. My favorite part was the first segment which had an equestrian theme to it and included her singing "Like A Virgin" while riding a saddle on a pole. Madonna's crew sent bottled waters for us in the middle of the show, which was much needed and appreciated. (It was hot!). Then at the end of the show balloons fell from the ceiling and we each got one as a souvenir.

(Above): Who says dreams don't come true? As long as I "live to tell" I will never forget that amazing evening last night. (Below): Madonna's 2006 "Confessions" tour book, signed. (almost all of it fit on my scanner).

This post is dedicated to my friend Monica who made this happen for me. I've known her for 14 years now. You read about my experience (minus the awesome meal on the way down and the laughter on the way down & back which was plentiful), so how do you "Express Yourself" to someone who was kind enough to make the evening even more special? Thank you? I certainty am thankful and appreciative for this opportunity. But for her friendship and the things I've learned from her (and the inspiration) maybe "Cherish" is a better word. Last night Madonna sang these words which makes me think of Monica: "You may be my lucky star, but I'm the luckiest by far". Thank you so much Monica!!!!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Living with Fran's autograph

I'm having a very good day today which became even better with a new success waiting at my mailbox.

Fran Drescher - Sent: 5/16/06 Received: 6/9/06. Here's one that I've been after for a while. Fran Drescher is back on Broadway right now doing a play with Eric McCormack, so I wrote to her at the venue. I saw a TTM success on Star Archive yesterday on her from the venue, so I had hopes mine would come back a success too. And today it did. She signed both my photo and index card.

Fran Drescher (click to enlarge "The Nanny")

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In'cumming' mail

First of all after two+ weeks of no successes it was so good to see one come in today. I also thought it was appropriate for this "devilish" looking photo to arrive today on 6-6-06.

Alan Cumming - Sent: 3/21/06 Received: 6/6/06. I already had Alan Cumming's autograph but I thought it might be fun to try again on a different picture, so I wrote to Alan at the play he's doing in New York. I sent him two photos (one for me and one for a friend) and today I received both of them back signed and personalized. The first scan is my TTM and the second scan below is my In-Person from him. Signature sure seems to match doesn't it?

Alan Cumming as "Nightcrawler" from "X-men 2" (ttm)

In-Person autograph from Alan (so you can compare signatures). You can read about how I obtained the In-Person by clicking here.

Cris Judd - Sent: 5/26/06 Received: 6/5/06. A RTS yesterday on J-Lo's ex husband and winner of the reality show "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here".

Thursday, June 01, 2006

May day (monthly recap)

Looking back over the month of May it was full of (almost) a little bit of everything when it came to autograph collecting. Here's the monthly recap:

May 2006 autographs

Autographs received (real or believed to be): 8
Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0
Pre prints:
RTS: 2
Other: 1 In-Person, 1 Prize winning (w/2 signatures on it), 1 unsigned photo
Total sent out in May: 19

April 2006 autographs

Autographs received (real or believed to be): 7
Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0
Pre prints: 0
RTS: 0
Other: 1 unexpected surprise
Total sent out in April: 17