Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May vs april

May 2005 autographs

Autographs received (real or believed to be): 10
Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 1
Pre prints: 1
RTS: 2
Other: 1 (birthday gift), 1 (convention purchase), 1 refusal to sign
Total sent out in May: 22

April 2005 autographs

Autographs received (real or believed to be): 13
Out of that number, the amount that were purchased: 0
Pre prints: 1
RTS: 0
Other: 1 (unexpected gift), 1 (convention purchase)
Total sent out in April: 16

May i have one more this month?

I wrapped up the month of May with one more success today.

Tab Hunter - Sent: 4/18/2005 Received: 5/31/2005. I had this "Grease 2" lobby card already signed by Connie Stevens (who played "Miss Mason" in the movie) so I thought it would be fun to have it signed by Tab Hunter as well. Tab played "Mr. Stuart" (who was "Miss Mason" romantic interest). The inscription reads "Ryan - See you in class! Tab Hunter Mr. Stuart". This is another great addition to my "Grease 2" collection. At the beginning of the year I didn't have any of the "Grease 2" cast, now I have 6 of them.

Connie Stevens & Tab Hunter signed "Grease 2" lobby card

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Angel of the morning

This morning's mail brought me a "Charlie's Angel" star.

Shelley Hack - Sent: 5/18/2005 Received: 5/26/2005. Kate Jackson departed "Charlie's Angels" after Season 3, so the beginning of the 4th season (1979-1980) brought her replacement, Tiffany Welles, played by Shelley Hack. I sent Shelley two photos (both from that time period) and she signed & personalized both for me in 8 days! Shelley was also associated with another "Charlie", she was in the "Charlie" perfume ads.

actress Shelley Hack

Below is a cast photo from "Charlie's Angels: Season 4" that I plan on trying to complete. I will send it to Cheryl Ladd next.

A work in progress (Charlie's Angels season 4 cast photo)

I've also been working on another "Charlie's Angels" cast photo for the last year and a half. That photo is of Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson. All I need is Kate Jackson to finish off that photo. Kate appears at autograph conventions frequently so I will purchase her signature via that venue in the future to complete that photo.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hello, Carol!

Today I add a multi talented singer, actress and Tony Award winner to my autograph collection.

Carol Channing - Sent: 3/25/05 Received: 5/23/05. Carol Channing seems to have been an elusive signer until this year. Someone found an address that works (and reaches her) and since January she's been great about sending out autographed photos. I wrote to her around 2 months ago and today received my very own autographed photo which she personalized to me.

Singer/Actress Carol Channing

Thursday, May 19, 2005

RIP - frank gorshin

I was very sad to hear that Frank Gorshin passed away. Not only was he a great entertainer but really treated his fans very well. As I talked about earlier Frank was one of my first successes when I started collecting (and a quick reply at 9 days). I sent him a "Batman: The Movie" DVD insert which he signed (see scan on my April 29th posting) but he also included a "Riddler" b&w photo which he signed for me, plus sent my letter back signed (and answered some questions I had asked him) and even signed the cardboard backing board that I sent to protect the DVD insert when he mailed it back. (The photo & backing board scans are below). Many people may not realize Frank was the very first villian on the first two episodes of the "Batman" TV series in the 1960's. My friend Lee just had a success from Frank last week. Even in declining health he was still there for his fans. He will be missed.

Frank Gorshin 1934 - 2005 (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And a year later ...

How weird is this. 1 year ago today I mailed this out, and it came back today on the one year anniversary.

Maxwell Caulfield - Sent: 5/17/2004 Received: 5/17/2005. I had almost given up hope on this one so it was a nice surprise when I got it back today. In February Maxwell did a autograph show in CA where someone got me his autograph. This through the mail (TTM) success on my "Grease 2" DVD insert matches the signature on my in person autograph. Notice on the scan below he wrote "Rock On" in the "2" part of "Grease 2".

Maxwell Caulfield (a "Cool Rider")

Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday's mail

Today's mail brought me successes from overseas and failures from the states. Ladies first as we start todays update:

Kate Beckinsale - Sent: 11/15/2004 Received: 5/16/2005. This was sent to Kate (via her publicist in England). What makes it interesting is the fact that she personalized it to my name. From what I've seen Kate rarely personalizes things (she just signs her name to items). Personally I love having my photos personalized to my name. It makes it more special (and meant just for me) to me when they personalize. A letter from her personal assistant was included with the signed photo. Kate has been very successful in movies like "Pearl Harbor", "Underworld" , "Van Helsing" and one of my favorites "Serendipity".

Kate Beckinsale from "Van Helsing" (click to enlarge)

Jason Biggs - Sent: 11/9/2004 Received: 5/16/2005. Jason did a play in New York City back in the fall which is where I tried to reach him. My photos were sent back unsigned with a 4X6 postcard with a pre printed autograph signature on it. This was the first response (of any type) that I had heard of via that play venue. Jason's a tough guy to get (as is most of the "American Pie" cast).

Ryan McPartlin - Sent: 5/5/2005 Received: 5/16/2005. This one bummed me out. My letter didn't even reach him and came back "Return to Sender" (RTS). I definitely will try again to find a working address to (hopefully) reach him. Ryan is a co-star of Fran Drescher's new show "Living With Fran".

Warwick Davis - Sent: 4/16/2005 Received: 5/16/2005. The new "Star Wars" movie is almost here and I'm hyped for it. Today I added another "Star Wars" cast member to my collection. Warwick Davis is best known as "Wicket The Ewok" from "Return Of The Jedi". He signed & personalized my "Wicket" photo and sent me a signed letter with info on his web site and fan club. You may also be familiar with him as "Professor Flitwick" in the "Harry Potter" movies.

Warwick Davis ("Wicket The Ewok" from "Return Of The Jedi")

My "Star Wars" autographs now include: Warwick Davis ("Wicket"), James Earl Jones ("voice of Darth Vadar"), Jeremy Bulloch ("Boba Fett"), Kenny Baker (R2D2), Ewan McGregor ("Young Obi-Wan Kenobi") & Carrie Fisher ("Princess Leia"). (Sometime I have a funny story to share with the Carrie Fisher success).

I also have Terence Stamp and Ray Park who were in the "Star Wars" movies but the photos I have signed by them are non "Star Wars" photos. (Or pictures of them in different roles from other projects).

Friday, May 13, 2005

Today's mail brings success & failure

One success, one failure today in today's mailbox. Lets start with the good first:

Irlene Mandrell - Sent: 10/6/2004 Received: 5/13/05. Watching "Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters" was a "don't miss" when I was growing up. I have met Irlene Mandrell (as well as Barbara & Louise) but I didn't have her autograph. Getting her today completes my autograph collection of the Mandrell Sisters. By the way Irlene is more beautiful in person than any picture I've ever seen of her.

Irlene Mandrell (click to enlarge)

Jane Wyman - Sent: 5/4/2005 Received: 5/13/05. This was my failure today. One thing I learned about Jane Wyman first of all is don't put your return address in the corner. If you do your envelope will be sent "Return to sender" unopened. I've also tried sending it without my return address. My picture came back unsigned with a "Ms. Wyman no longer signs autographs" card. (The card was printed at a printer, she must be serious about this). But last week I saw someone had gotten a success from her (at a different address). So I decided to try it again. Same result as before. My letter & photo came back unsigned with the card below. She wins.

Not what I wanted to see

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

X-citing success today

Another trip to the mailbox this morning proved to be successful.

Alan Cumming - In Person 4/30/05. As you know I'm a huge X-men fan so I was very happy to be able to get Alan Cumming who played "Nightcrawler" in the second movie. I tried him a few different times at various locations with no luck. Right after Christmas I read he was doing his first ever autograph convention in London at the end of April. With Christmas money in hand, I set off to find someone attending the convention that would purchase a photo for me. I found Petra on Star Archive and she was kind enough to do it for me. She picked out this great photo and had Alan personalize it to me. Thank you Petra!

Alan Cumming as "Nightcrawler" from "X2: X-men: United"

The autographs in my X-men collection now stands as:
Shawn Ashmore "Iceman", Brian Cox "Stryker", Daniel Cudmore "Colossus", Hugh Jackman "Wolverine", Michael Reid Mac Kay "Jason 143", Ray Park "Toad", Kelly Hu "Lady Deathstrike", Greg Rikaart "Museum Teenager #2", Bryan Singer (director of X-men 1 & 2), Patrick Stewart (signed not personalized) "Professor X", Ian McKellen "Magneto", Ty Olsson "Mitchell Laurio" , Katie Stewart "Kitty Pryde" (X-men 2) and now Alan Cumming "Nightcrawler".

I also have purchased autographed photos of James Marsden as "Cyclops", Halle Berry as "Storm", Anna Paquin as "Rogue" and Famke Jannssen signed index card. (She played "Jean Grey" in the movies).

Monday, May 09, 2005

'A' celebrity (or two) to add to the collection

Outside of the autographs, the friendships I've made by being involved with this hobby is one of the greatest rewards of doing this. I've met many people that have helped me find addresses or given suggestions or leads which have ended up working for me. My friend Lee went to his first autograph convention at the end of April and was nice enough to pick me up an autograph that I wanted as a "Happy Birthday" gift. (Lee has his own autograph blog that you can visit at: http://leesautographs.blogspot.com)

Christopher Atkins - In Person: 4/30/05. Obtained for me by my friend Lee at the Chiller Theatre autograph show in E. Rutherford, NJ. Thanks Lee for the great autograph! It sounds like you had a blast at the show.

Chad Allen - Sent: 4/22/05 Received: 5/9/05. This was a fast turn around. I found this address by doing a little research online. It wasn't listed on any autograph site I could find, so I decided to try it. It paid off. Chad sent me a current photo of himself personalized. The writings a little hard to see as he signed a lot in the black part of the photo (with a red marker). Chad is best known for his roles on "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman", "Our House" and "My Two Dads".

Chad Allen (click to enlarge)

All in all a great way to start the week. And the 'A' section of my autograph book is now a little more full.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Saturday successes

The month of May started out slow for me. When I didn't get anything at all this week, I had counted today (Saturday) out. For (whatever wierd) reason, Saturday is my worst day to get an autograph success. Today I lucked out with not one but two successes..

James Earl Jones (the voice of "Darth Vader")

#1. James Earl Jones - Sent: 1/18/2005 Received: 5/7/05 . He probably has as many fans from his voice over work as he does from his on screen acting. (He does the voice of "Darth Vadar" in the "Star Wars" movies and does the "This is CNN" voice over on the CNN Network). I sent him two photos and an index card. He personalized all three. The "Star Wars" picture (see above) reads ("To Ryan you are part of the rebel alliance and a 'traitor' " Darth James Earl Jones). I may send that photo to Dave Prowse (the actor in the "Darth Vadar" costume) sometime in the future for him to sign as well. The photo below is from James Earl Jones guest appearance on "Will & Grace".

James Earl Jones meets Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes)

I'm very happy to be able to add James Earl Jones to my collection. "Star Wars Ep. 4: A New Hope" was the first movie I remember seeing in a movie theatre. I've seen all the "Star Wars" movies (inlcuding the original ones when they were redone) in a theatre and I have my ticket already to the midnight showing of the next movie. One year I even went as "Darth Vadar" for Halloween. I remember someone said to me "Who are you sposed to be?". I replied "Darth Vadar!". They replied with "Dark Bear???".

#2. Patrick Stewart - Sent: 2/11/05 Received: 5/7/05 . I'm a huge fan of the "X-men" movies. Patrick was part of the cast (playing "Professor Charles Xavier - aka: Prof. X). I wrote to him in care of a play he's doing in London and he was kind enough to sign the photo I sent him. This was my second success with Patrick . I rewrote him in hopes that he would not only sign my photo but personalize it to my name. No luck this time either (I don't think he personalizes any photo, just signs them), but a great success none the less. If you look at the photo, the "security guard" wheeling him in is Bryan Singer who directed the first two X-men movies. Patrick is best known however as playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard on "Star Trek".

Patrick Stewart as "Professor X" from "X2: X-men United"